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Free iPad Office Apps

The iPad is not just for watching movies, reading eBooks, or playing games. With the appropriate app installed, you can turn your iPad into an Office productivity machine. Here we shows you some free office apps for iPad.

Office Shortcuts for Microsoft Office

A must-have free iPad Office app to download that can save your time whether you use Microsoft Office on a regular basis or just on occasion. There are over 1,070 shortcuts that can help you use Office more efficiently. For example, if you want to open a new document, press "Ctrl + N"; If you want to increase font size, press "Ctrl + Shift + >".

PDF Reader Pro Edition for iPad

This PDF Reader is for iPad only. It supports USB file transfer which you will love and need. PDF Reader Pro Edition for iPad is the most powerful iPad PDF Reader. You can easily transfer your PDF files to your iPad from your computer or directly from a website.

DejaOffice 2010

Free iPad Office Apps - DejaOffice 2010

DejaOffice for iPad Office includes dual-pane viewing options that make full use of screen space. It adds category filter selector for DejaContacts and DejaNotes in the new version. Special DejaContacts, calendar, tasks and notes for mobile professionals and also for your iPad Office.

MobileNoter for iPad

Free iPad Office Apps - MobileNoter for iPad

MobileNoter is a note taking free iPad office apps that is able to sync with Microsoft OneNote. With this free iPad office app, all your Microsoft OneNote data is available on your iPad device. That means the MobileNoter is a wonderful iPad Office app which can take and store your notes.

Private Media Folders - Photos, Video & Office

Free iPad Office Apps - Private Media Folders - Photos, Video & Office

With this free office app for iPad, you can privately store and view photos, videos, office files with Media Folders for iPad. It can not only password protects your private documents on your iPad, but also organize your files into folders and subfolders on your iPad much faster than ever.

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