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iPad eBook Apps

"Reading is a joy on iPad." Just as it is described on Apple's official site after the launch of iPad, reading eBooks on iPad via the free Apple iBooks app is amazing experience. Here is a list of iPad ebook apps for you.

Tips: If you want to download eBooks for iPad, here we recommend you BookDownloadCenter; If you want to transfer the downloaded eBooks to iPad so that you can enjoy them on you iPad wherever you go, here is a gudie for you: transfer eBooks to iPad.

iPad eBook Apps - iBook iBook

Has the nicest landscape mode and is the only app which allows in app purchasing of books.

You can also add your own content via iTunes so long as the content is in epub format. Does not allow annotations. App is free.


iPad eBook Apps - Kindle Kindle

This is the only iPad eBook app that allows you to take annotations or notes. It also allows synching across devices. New content can be purchased via the Amazon store but not within the app itself.

Note: You cannot add old content or content purchased at other vendors unless you own a Kindle reader.


iPad eBook Apps - Kobo Kobo

Nice interface but limited by way of content.

Not all content you purchase can be viewed in the App. There is no way to add old content or content purchased at other ebookstores. App is free.


iPad eBook Apps - Bookself LTBookself LT

Allows you to easily add your own content via iTunes, over the air using Bonjour or via a webserver like feedbooks or your own created calibre cloud catalog.

The LT version has an ad at the top but is free. Has autoscrolling. The paid version is $4.99.


iPad eBook Apps - ReadMe ReadMe

Easy access to online catalogs including your own calibre generated cloud catalog.

No bookstore access & thus new books cannot be purchased and added without computer access. App is $1.99.


iPad eBook Apps - GoodReaderGoodReader

Great for reading PDFs, Word Docs, and other supported formats but does not allow interactivity.

You can add content a multiple of ways including accessing the attachments in your email box. Does not read ePubs.

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