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iPad Entertainment Apps

If you are already trying your hands on Apple iPad, you can enhance your experience by using iPad apps. And if you are entertainment guy, you should consider downloading and using iPad entertainment apps to get the most out of your Apple device. Below is a list of iPad apps for entertainment that you should have on your device.

iPad Entertainment Apps - iBooks

Apple’s own ebook store is now available for iPad. May be it’s going to face strong competition from Amazon, B&N stores.

iPad Entertainment Apps - Yahoo! Entertainment

This is a great free iPad entertainment application from Yahoo that provides you with a lot of information about any TV shows that are currently airing or are about to air. You can plan your TV viewing using the interactive Program Guide, watch free videos provided by Yahoo and read the latest news in any category using this iPad entertainment application.

iPad Entertainment Apps - Yahoo! Entertainment

iPad Entertainment Apps - Netflix

With the introduction of online streaming movies, Netflix has started the revolution among DVD renting companies, and now many more are following suit. But until everyone has switched, Netflix remains the best source for online movie streaming, and they also have the largest collection of movies available.

iPad Entertainment Apps - Netflix

iPad Entertainment Apps - ABC Player

ABC Digital has thankfully jumped on the whole Internet TV bandwagon and not only have they created an online streaming channel, but also released their own apps for desktop computers, and now the iPad. Kudos to them, because thanks to this app, you can freely stream their channel right onto your iPad at very good quality and speed, and watch some of their best shows whenever they air.

iPad Entertainment Apps - ABC Player

iPad Entertainment Apps - Star Walk

Blame our science geek roots, but Star Walk is one of the most awesome uses of the iPad's hardware we've seen yet. Just hold the iPad to the sky or ground, and it will transport you to the inside of a star map that identifies the constellations around you in realtime. Your iPad becomes a window to information through an effect that's just so shamefully cool that you feel like you're 10 again as you learn about space with real wonder.

iPad Entertainment Apps - Adobe Ideas

A free sketch app from Adobe, which looks powerful enough for someone who actually knows how to draw to produce some good content. This is what I pulled out in 3 minutes. It's pretty simple, but has opacity, color and brush size and compatibility with Illustrator and Photoshop on the desktop. It's free and decent so you can't complain.

iPad Entertainment Apps - IMDB

A very clean and snappy interface. Looking up movies and actors is extremely intuitive and elegant since you can easily scan through top titles on the splash page or dive into the search bar up top. Taping the Browse button accesses TV schedules, Top 250 Lists, Moviemeter, and local showtimes-keeping you from having to exit out and search elsewhere.

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