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Where to Download Nook Tablet Books for Free?

nook tablet books download freeAs the announcement and forthcoming shipment of Barnes & Noble's Nook Tablet which is claimed as "the best wireless media tablet in the portable 7 inch class" by William Lynch - CEO of Barnes & Noble, you may have been informed of its parameters and functionalities and inspired to be a pride ower. Inspite of all kinds of stunts of Nook Tablet's HD movies, music, apps downloading, emailing or gaming features, with only one glance at iPad, which seems just a mimic. Nook Tablet, as it is, is weighed heavily as an e-reader, especially for those people who most often want to download and read books.

Mostly, we love the e-reader can offer us many free services, now that Nook Tablet is claimed to support a variety of eBook formats such as ePub (including Adobe DRM or DRM free), PDF, XLS, DOC, PPT, TXT, DOCM, XLSM, PPTM, PPSX, DOCX, etc., and has a hugh bookstore with over 2,500,000 books available. However, you can only get samples for free, actually, many books are often charged and even higher for Nook Tablet than the print version. Thus, we would like to know where to download Nook Tablet books for free.

Recommendations of Best Places to Free Download Nook Tablet Books:


Provided more than 29,000 eBooks for Nook Tablet, iPad, Kindle, Sony reader and most other eReaders with more than thirty languages. All books are free! Before you decide which one you'd like to download for Nook Tablet, you can browse some brief introductions about the books or authors and see which one could strike you.

Palimpsest Online

Directly listed the titles with high quality PDF format, the website has collected over 80 authors mostly from European and American with the works range from novels, poetries, fables, histories, to epic sagas, philosophy. Really free books download for Nook Tablet! Also you can directly read those eBooks on line.


Novels, newspapers, games, comic books and more with ePub, MOBI, PDF, etc. formats available for Nook Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Sony .... allows her members to access unlimited free books downloads.

download nook tablet books free

Project Gutenberg

Free eBook download website with tons of formats such as HTML, ePub (with images), Kindle, TXT. An Index and archive produced by volunteers. Allows you to read on line.


Free books download for Nook Tablet, Alex, Sony, Kindle, iPad, iPhone and more with bestsellers, fictions, comics, sci-fi, magzines and more. Allows her members to access a huge number of books with high quality. Best Recommendation for eBook lovers!

Among these 5 best places to free download Nook Tablet books for your infinite enjoyments, we highly recommend you the BookDownloadCenter! Her unbeatable advantages can be concluded below:

The best place for free books download - BookDownloadCenter provides you:

  • A goldmine for widest collection of digitalized print media online or off
  • Unlimited access with non-restriction books downoad anywhere
  • The highest-quality & fastest-download of novel, comic & more!
  • No monthly or pay-per-download fees!
  • Professional 24h customer service

download nook tablet books free in booksdownloadcenter

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