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Free Download eBooks for iPad

Waiting for Apple's iPad and its iBooks and iBookstore app? The outstanding Project Gutenberg has 30,000 free-as-in-beer-and-and-as-in-speech ePub format eBooks to help keep you start building your library today. This tutorial shows you the step-by-step guide on free downloading eBooks for iPad.

Tips: iStonsoft EPUB to MOBI Converter is a great helper for you to convert iPad EPUB books to MOBI. So that you can read iPad books on Kindle.

Guide: Free Download eBooks for iPad

Part 1: Download and Add eBooks to iTunes

1. Go to the Project Gutenberg website – http://www.gutenberg.org/

2. Locate a book you wish to read on your iPad, click on the link and scroll to the bottom of the book's page.

3. Download the EPUB format of the book your viewing.

Free Download eBooks for iPad - Download eBooks to iTunes

4. Open iTunes and click on File.

5. Click on Add File to Library from the menu.

6. Locate and select the eBook file you downloaded.

7. Click Open.

Free Download eBooks for iPad - Add eBooks to iTunes

Tips: When you click on Books you will notice that the book we just added will be listed.

Part 2: Sync Books to iPad

8. Make sure your iPad is connected. Right-click on your iPad.

9. Choose Sync from the menu.

Free Download eBooks for iPad - Sync Books to iPad

Part 3: View the Book on your iPad

10. Tap on the iBooks App.

11. Tap on the free eBook you added – the book should open.

OK! Now you can enjoy your free eBook compliments of the Gutenberg project. Here we also recommend you BookDownloadCenter to download free eBooks for iPad.

free download ebooks for ipad

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