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Free ePub Books for iPad

ePub Books for iPad Free downloadThe iBookstore offers a lot of books and many of them are free, but you don't need it to read a book. The iPad along with iTunes can import eBooks you've downloaded from other sources, but there is one limitation the eBooks must be in ePub or PDF format. Then where to get free ePub books for iPad?

Note: If the books you have are not in ePub format, then this ePub Format Converter can help you to convert them to ePub easily. For Mac users, here is the ePub Converter Mac.

Tips: Before you import free books to iPad, you have to make sure that it is compatible with iPad. Or you have to convert it into the readable file for iPad. iStonoft MOBI to PDF Converter is helpful to convert .mobi to PDF for iPad.

Get free ePub Books for iPad from Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a good source for about 30,000 free ePub formatted books that you can download, and some of these may even be available in the iBookstore. However, we think that may be a little easier to browse through the library of free eBooks on Project Gutenberg.

get free ePub books for iPad from Project Gutenberg

To use Project Gutenberg, just click on the link above and browse or search away. If you're not sure where to start, try their Top 100 list. When you find something you like, scroll down to the ePub link and download the file.

Apple is also giving us an easy-as-iTunes way to drag, drop, manage and sync free ePub books over to the iPad. If you don't know how to transfer books to iPad, just check this guide: How to Transfer Local eBooks to iPad with iTunes.

Convert PDF's, LIT’s and more to ePub Books for iPad

While it wins no UI design prize, Calibre is a cross-platform app that outputs well-formatted ePub files from various input formats. If you have digital copies or PDF's lying around, chances are you can convert them to a nice iBook. It handles chapter auto-generation, but sometimes you’ll have to tweak some settings to achieve the best results.

Get more free ePub Books for iPad

There are som many downloading sites for downloading free or cheap ebooks for your Apple iPad, such as BookDownloadCenter, which is an extensive new iPad service allowing users to access thousands of novels, newspapers, comic books, and more from one source. The bright, straightforward and user-friendly site lets users download unlimited multimedia with one simple touch.

free ipad booksRather than having to face the inconvenience of paying fifteen dollars on iTunes per book, you can now access thousands of texts from the comfort of your very own home for a one-off upfront payment.

The quick downloads make this site particularly appealing as there will be no frustrating waits when you are desperate to read the next novel in a series! The site is clearly laid out with simple instructions on how to download, anyone, even the least tech-savvy bookworm, can use it. It is an ideal site for you to get free ePub books for iPad.