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iCloud Books Download

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Apple announced iCloud at WWDC and with it the ability to re-download your previously purchased books, music and more. Re-downloading files is now possible for the first time from iTunes, meaning that you can purchase your books or music once and download it to every device you own, without any additional charge.

With the iCloud books download function, how to download books from iCloud to your device iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, even Mac or PC? If you have this problem, then you have come to the right place! Here we show you the step by step guide about iCloud books downloads. Just check the details below.

Steps: How to Download Books from iCloud

With the following steps, you can download books from iCloud to iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, even Mac or PC, and you can also download books from iPad/iPhone/iPod touch to your another iPad/iPhone/iPod touch with iCloud. This is the iCloud the way it should be: automatic and effortless. Now let's see how it performs.

Steps 1. Enable "automatic downloading" on your iOS devices via Settings > Store.

Steps 2. On your Mac or computer, go to iTunes > Preferences > Store to choose the content to share.

Steps 3. Manage and download past purchases and view your iCloud items:

  • Mac or Computer: iTunes Store > Purchased.
  • iPad, iPhone or iPod touch:
    Music: iTunes > Purchased
    iBooks: iBooks > Store > Purchased
    Apps: App Store > Purchased (located in Updates on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch).

OK! Now with the iCloud books download function, you can download and transfer the books stored on iCloud to iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, even Mac or PC! Just enjoy the reading pleasure you like!

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