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Redownload Books from iTunes with iCloud

With iCloud, the books you purchase in iTunes appears automatically on all your devices like iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. You can also download your past iTunes purchases.

Your past purchases. Available on all your devices.

When you buy books from iTunes, iCloud stores your purchase history. So you can see the books you’ve bought - no matter which device you bought it on. You can access your purchase history from the iTunes Store on your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. And since you already own that books, you can tap to download your books to any of your devices.

Guide: How to Redownload Books from iTunes with iCloud

This guide teaches you how to use iCloud to redownload books from iTunes, as well as music, videos, apps and more.

how to download the purchased books from itunes with icloudStep 1. Tap the iBooks app to launch it and go to iBookstore, then tap the Store button in the top right corner.

Step 2. In the bottom row of buttons, tap Purchased.

Step 3. Now yo'll see a list of all the iBooks books you've bought using the iTunes account you're logged into. And you can also choose to only view books Not On This Device.

Step 4. An iCloud icon will be next to the books that are not on the device. Tap it to download those books.

Step 5. If the book is stored on your device, a grayed-out Downloaded icon will appear next to it.

And here we also provide another way to redownload books from iTunes with iCloud:

  • Tap the Settings app.
  • Scroll down to the iBooks option and tap that.
  • Slide the Sync Collections to "on" and future iBooks purchases made on other devices will automatically sync to this one.

The same process that you use to redownload the purchased books from iTunes with iCloud on the iOS works for music/videos/apps too. That's to say, you can redownload music from iTunes with iCloud, redownload videos from iTunes with iCloud, redownload apps from iTunes with iCloud, etc.

Sounds great? Just get your purchased books from iTunes with iCloud and enjoy your books at will.

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