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  • iPad Apps - eBook Reader for iPad
    Here are 5 free eBook reader apps for iPad that let you read eBooks and PDF files on iPad. Most of these eBook readers for iPad can be used on iPhone, and iPod Touch as well.
  • iPad Apps - Book Apps for iPad
    This is a list of book apps for iPad for you. Most of these iPad book apps can be used on iPhone, and iPod touch as well.
  • iPad Apps - iPad Textbook Apps Free
    Recommend you these free textbook apps for iPad make your learning and shool life easier.
  • iPad Apps - PDF Reader for iPad
    We took a look at some of the more popular PDF Readers for iPad to help you read PDF files on iPad freely!
  • iPad Apps - Free iPad Reading Apps
    Here we check out the best, most must-have reading apps for your iPad: eBook readers, Magazine readers, Newspaper readers, Comic book readers and Web readers for iPad.
  • iPad Apps - ePub Reader on iPad
    Here we list you some top-rated ePub readers for iPad which can help you read ePub books on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

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