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iPad Tips

Here is some basic but very handy iPad tips for those of you who are new to the iPad.

  • iPad Tips: How to Convert PDF to eBook for iPad
    This tutorial will guide you through the process of how to convert PDF to eBook for iPad, convert PDF to iPad with a free PDF to iPad Converter - Calibre, which is for Linux, Windows and Mac.
  • iPad Tips: How to Get Books on iPad
    Here we provide you BookDownloadCenter and Book Download Center, which are great value for money when you consider how much expensive individual eBooks are.
  • iPad Tips: How to Download Video to iPad
    Here you can download over 80 Million HD Quality videos freely for your iPad, and you can also convert the downloaded video to iPad compatible format easily!
  • iPad Tips: How to Make an eBook for iPad
    Baker Ebook Framework is a open source tool that lets you to make ebooks for iPad. Here is the guide on how to do that.
  • iPad Tips: How to Convert eBooks for iPad
    Converting ebooks from PDF and other formats to iPad-friendly ePUB is easier than you might think. This guide will help you convert eBooks for iPad ePub with ease.
  • iPad Tips: How to Sync Gmail Calendar with iPad
    With this tutorial, you'll learn how to sync Gmail Calendar with iPad directly.
  • iPad Tips: How to Read Books on iPad
    This tutorial will introduce how to read books on iPad, read PDF on iPad with iBooks.
  • iPad Tips: How to Remove Photos from iPad
    If there are photos in your iPad which you doesn't need anymore, you can delete or remove the photos from your iPad to free up some space. This article is about how to delete pictures from iPad with wase.
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  • iPad Tips: How to transfer books from old iPad to iPad 2
    This tutorial teaches you how to transfer books from old iPad to iPad 2 step by step. On the one hand, you can also transfer books among iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad 2, and PC for backup with the same steps.
  • iPad Tips: iPad 2 Smart Cover
    The iPad 2 Smart Cover makes iPad do things no other cover can. Close it, and iPad automatically goes to sleep. Open it, and iPad instantly wakes up - no need to press any buttons.
  • iPad Tips: How to Watch iPad Videos on TV
    Here you can connect your iPad to a TV or a projector and watch YouTube videos, photo slideshows, movies, etc. on the large screen with everyone else in the living room.
  • iPad Tips: iPad vs iPod touch
    The iPad and the iPod touch are both manufactured by Apple. Although the devices have several similarities, there are a lot of differences between iPads and iPod touch. Here we show you iPad vs iPod touch in details.
  • iPad Tips: How to Import PPT or Keynote files to iPad?
    Here we recommend two ways to import PowerPoint Presentations ot keynote to iPad. One is to use iTunes and the other is to use Email.
  • iPad Tips: Free iPad Converter
    Here we collect 5 free iPad Converters to help you rip DVD movie and convert video to iPad.
  • iPad Tips: iPad Manager
    Professional iPad Manager made for iPad users to manage iPad music and movies.
  • iPad Tips: Free iPad Downloads
    Shows you a list of iPad eBooks, iPad videos, iPad music, iPad wallpapers, iPad games, iPad Converters, etc. for downloads.
  • iPad Tips: iPad MP3 Player
    Your music! Like you’ve never seen it before! The big, beautiful iPad display lets you browse your music collection by song, artist, album, genre, or composer with the touch of a finger.
  • iPad Tips: iPad Restore
    This page shows you how to restore an iPad from backup with ease.
  • iPad Tips: iPad Backup
    If you have any doubt on how to backup your iPad's data, then here is the tutorial on how to backup your iPad for you.
  • iPad Tips: How to Download Music to iPad
    Here is the easier way to download music to iPad with the help of iTunes. After the music transferred on your iPad, you can listen to the music anywhere with the device.
  • iPad Tips: How to Download Movies to iPad
    This passage shows some free sites for downloading movies to iPad and how to download movies to iPad.
  • iPad Tips: How to Put Movies on iPad
    If you are looking for ways on how to put movies on iPad, then follow this guide to convert movies to iPad and put movies on iPad step-by-step.
  • iPad Tips: How to Find iPad's Mac Address
    Here is simple run through to find iPad's Mac address. Just go to Settings > General > About, Here you'll find the Mac address for iPad.
  • iPad Tips: Kindle vs iPad
    The Amazon Kindle and Apple's iPad are two very different devices. We compared both in all the relevant categories to see which you should build your digital library atop.
  • iPad Tips: How to Clear your iPad Cache, Cookies and History
    Every so often you need to delete your browser's cache cookies or history for getting a new and fast browsing. Here is the step by step tutorial on how to do that.
  • iPad Tips: How to Use Mail App on iPad
    This tutorial aims to tell you how to use Mail app on iPad fully. Actually, this is a full tips for using mail app on iPad skillfully.
  • iPad Tips: How to Delete iPad Documents in iTunes
    Here we show you how to delete iPad documents in iTunes. Just click file you want to delete in the Documents list..
  • iPad Tips: How to Transfer Local eBooks to iPad with iTunes
    This guide provides you an easy way on how to transfer local eBooks to iPad via iTunes.
  • iPad Tips: How to Import Documents to Pages for iPad
    Import documents to Pages for iPad from a Mac or PC using File Sharing in iTunes.
  • iPad Tips: How to Sync PDF to iBooks for iPad
    Two simple ways to activate and sync PDF to iBooks for iPad. One by iTunes book tab, the other by emailing them.
  • iPad Tips: Tips for iPad iBooks Users
    Reading is a joy on iPad. If you are an iPad fans, this list of tips for iPad iBooks users may help you a lot!
  • iPad Tips: How to Buy eBooks from iPad iBooks Store
    This tutorial shows you exactly how to buy eBooks from iPad iBooks store.
  • iPad Tips: How to Save Images in Safari and Mail on iPad
    You may often receive a photo in an email that you want to save and keep on your iPad – or spot an image in a web site that you'd like to save. Here is the solution on how to save images in safari and mail on iPad.
  • iPad Tips: How to Control iPad Notifications
    This iPad tip is about how to control iPad notifications. Just go to Settings, Notifications, and configure which alerts will appear.