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Classic Western Movies for iPad

watch western films for ipadAre you crazy about Western movies? When implied by the genre literally, the figure of big and tough cowboys or cowgirls and their horses, boots, hats, guns and the desolately randy land behind them seemingly visible and fascinating. Many directors or musicians like John Ford, Paul Newman, or Jay Chou have shown particular interest on Western culture and love to add Western elements or stories to their works. There are many famous Western movies like Dances with Wolves, Pale Rider, and The OxBow Incident had swept the world for a time.

Western movies have their distinct characteristics, and usually the pattern of the setting could be concluded like this:

Time: Primarily happened in the latter half of the 19th century

Site: American Old West

Characters: Cowboys, beautiful women

Elements: Horse, hero, gun, hatred, love, battle, townlet, desert, courier station, pub

Put aside these kinds of Western movies with a specific time and place in America, there are a lot of films about Western-type characters and Western theme movies produced in other world. Today, we will recommend you the best Western movies for iPad. This genre can be accessible in Legal Movie Downloads.

Best Western Movies for iPad

Once Upon a Time in the West - It's a Italian epic western film with the screen display written by Leone and Sergio Donati and directed by famous Sergio Leone who has also directed another famous Western film The Good, the Band and the Ugly. The movie was ranked as a brightest work in Western films ever made.

Dances with Wolves - If you want to collect Western Movies for iPad, you have no reason to miss the Dances with Wolves. This award-winning movie has won a wide praise and is regarded as a representative masterpiece to revitalize the Western movies. In this film, Kevin Costner wears two hats and both directs and stars the film.

The Big Country - As another watchable Western movie for your iPad, The Big Country can be another fabulous solution for you to know more about the West of America. Directed by William Wyler and awarded with several famous prizes such as Golden Globe Award and Academy Award, the film will be fairly worthwhile for watching.

The Outlaw Josey Wales - A characterictic Western movie for iPad about revenge, gunshot and murder. The highlight of the film is the final showdown of Josey and his companions.

Unforgiven - A great work produced in 1900s with the story telling audiences of an aging killer who once have murdered many people and is never forgave. It is a Western movie about the negative aspect of violence. Still there are some gunshot scenes to capture your eyes, and the controversial story may evoke your strong sense.

Certainly, there are a number of classic Western movies for iPad in Legal Movie Downloads. You can come here to get abundant films in different genres such as romance, cartoon, action, historical, suspense, thrilling, adventure films and more. Anytime you can watch those favorite movies on iPad blissfully.

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