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Good Action Movies for iPad - Satisfy Your Craving

good action films for ipad of all timeWe love action movies not because of its physically violence and thrilling chases which seem so cool and smart and qkuicken our nerves and breathing, but the spirits they implicate within. Is the movie's theme a revenge mainly, is the movie a bad one which mostly shows off the hero's feat of speeding car or physical strength? Whether the movie implies the way of "to voilence with voilence" or inspires you the forgiveness or other positive attitude to life and human beings?

Action movie is not a kind of skin-deep genre. There're still many deepgoing screenplays, preeminent directors and outstanding action actors, they have contributed many masterpieces to the media industry. And now we'd like to recommend you some good action movies for iPad of all time.

Good Action Movies for iPad of All Time

Kiss of the Dragon - If you watch this movie, you will know who Jet Li is. The action film is directed by Chris Nahon and famous for its realistic fight scenes with less wire work or CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) adopted. The film is related to heroin smuggling, kidnapping, gunfight, murdern, escape, as well as hero's (Jet Li) rescue, reconnaissance, innocence, and hand-in-hand combat. The story is wrote and played based on Jet Li himself and to those enthusiasts of Chinese Kung fu the film Kiss of the Dragon really is a bonus for them and lets them satisfy a craving.

Gone in 60 Seconds - The film, starring Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie, Robert Duvall and directed by Dominic Sena, is a crime & action film telling a retired master car thief who is forced to come out agian. The hero, Memphis (Nicolas Cage), once made a record of stealing 50 cars in 72 hours, is threatened to kill his younger brother if he haven't helped his former crime boss to steal those cars in list within deadline. Without any delay, Memphis reassembles his former associates including his former girl friend (Angelina Jolie) and mentor Otto (Robert Duvall) and they almost secceed except that...

The Expendables - Directed by Stallone and wrote by David Callaham and Sylvester Stallone with Dolph Lundgren, Eric Rocerts, Jet Li, Terry Crews, etc. starred, the commercially successful ensemble action film, receiving an overwhelming response in action films field as well as mixed reviews from audiences, is about an team of elite and skillful mercenaries who cherish a mission to overthrow a Latin American dictator. The story ends up with a big vicotry of the Expendables after a series of violence fighting.

Certainly, there're many other classic action films for iPad. Just download them from the iPad movies and enjoy a great fun. Except for the top aciton movies of The Rock, Hitman, Shooter, Bad Boys, Tomb Raider, Wanted, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Charlie's Angels and so on, there're tons of other genres available like iPad romance movies, Comedy, Cartoons, HD movies and more. Dive in to download movies to your iPad!

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