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How to Transfer Music to iPad?

transfer music from computer to ipadFinally, you got an iPad! Now you want to enjoy music with your new iPad wherever you go, how to do that?

Just like iPod and iPhone, to transfer music to iPad is not very different. Here we take how to transfer music songs to an iPad with iTunes for an example, and with the guide below, you will have no problem to transfer music form computer to iPad and then enjoy music with iPad anywhere and anytime!

Tips: If you want to download music for your iPad, you can go to the iPad music download center to access unlimited and the latest music source!

Guide: How to Transfer Music to iPad with iTunes

Note: To transfer music to your iPad from a computer you should have iTunes installed in your computer.

Step 1. Run iPad with iTunes
Connect your iPad to the computer, then you will see the iPad in the left column of iTunes, click its icon to open the iPad.

Step 2. Select Music from iTunes Music Store
In the popped window, select the Music tab from the top of the screen, then select what music you wish to transfer to your iPad. You can choose from your entire song library or individual playlists.

Step 3. Transfer Music to iPad
Click "Apply" at the bottom of the screen to transfer the music from computer to your iPad. Now you can select to listen to the music in your new iPad.

Done! Now you can transfer music from PC to iPad with iTunes for free. And if you want to transfer music from iPad to PC for backup, then you'll need turn to the iPad Music Transfer for help, which allows you to transfer music, videos, photos and more from iPad to Computer for backup.

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