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iCloud Features for iPhone and iPad

From gottabemobile.com, June 8, 2011

Steve Jobs gave us the most detailed view so far of Apple's iCloud, a file sync/backup/sharing service coming to iOS this fall. Average iPhone and iPad users will see a lot of benefits when iCloud is released as part of iOS 5. Here we list top 5 iCloud features that will typical iPhone and iPad users will love.

1) iPhone and iPad No Longer Married to Computer

With the introduction of iOS 5 and iCloud, the iPhone and iPad are no longer dependent on computers. Sure, you can still shuffle media between your Mac and iPhone with one of those white synching cables, but iCloud means that you don’t have to use your laptop as the mothership for your iPhone or iPad.

iCloud is so much more than a hard drive in the sky. It’s the effortless way to access just about everything on all your devices.

icloud features for iphone and ipad - iCloud Automatic Backup2) iCloud Automatic Backup

With iCloud, all of the information on your device is automatically backed up wirelessly on a daily basis. In case you break or lose your iPhone or iPad, you can revive all of your information by simply logging into your iCloud account with a new device.

It’s quick and efficient, and it makes Backup like everything else in iCloud: convenient and completely effortless.

3) Snap Photos, View & Save on Any Device with iCloud

The iPhone is the best Apple device to take photos with, but it’s not the best one for sharing pictures with friends and family at home. Transferring pictures to a computer or iPad now requires synchronizing devices or using third-party apps to transfer the images.

With iCloud, the most recent photos snapped with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad 2are automatically available to view on any other iOS device or computer. As soon as you snap a photo, it’s uploaded to iCloud and then downloaded to your iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and/or computer.

icloud for iphone and ipad

4) Easier App Management with iCloud

With the introduction of iCloud, Apple’s also introducing a new section in the App Store that displays all of the Apps you’ve already purchased.

You download a lot of apps. And now you can see them in one convenient place: your purchase history on the App Store. Since you’ve already purchased these apps, you can download them again - at no additional charge - to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. And when you purchase new apps, you can have iCloud automatically push them to all your devices.

This means if your purchase an app on your iPad, it’ll be ready to go next time you head out the door with your iPhone. iOS device owners spend enough money with Apple. We’re glad iOS is almost free.

5) Your past purchases, Available on all your devices

Managing digital music collections can be painful. iCloud can serve as a digital clearing house with a feature called iTunes Match. Now you can download music you’ve previously purchased to all your devices. When you buy music from iTunes, iCloud stores your purchase history. So you can see the music you’ve bought - no matter which device you bought it on. You can access your purchase history from the iTunes Store on your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

icloud for ipad and iphone

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