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Stay Synced with iCloud

From news.cnet.com, June 8, 2011

sync ipad/iphone/ipod touch with icloudiCloud stores your music, photos, apps, calendars, documents, and more. And wirelessly pushes them to all your devices - automatically. So with iCloud, whatever you download on one device - your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or computer - can be set to automatically download on all other devices. It’s the easiest way to manage your content.

More features of iCloud, including calendar syncing and Photo Stream, will launch in the fall. Until then, you can use the iCloud beta for free to sync your music, apps, and books. This article tells you how to do that. It includes two parts:
Part 1: Enable "automatic downloading" on your iOS device
Part 2: Manage past purchases and view your cloud

Part 1: Enable "automatic downloading" on your iOS device

Decide which devices you'd like to automatically download new songs, apps, and books purchased with your iTunes account.

On your iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone: Go to Settings > Store, and select the type of content you want automatically downloaded.

On your computer: Go to iTunes > Preferences > Store, and select the type of content you want automatically downloaded.

Part 2: Manage Past Purchases and View your Cloud

With this feature, you can download previously purchased apps, songs, and books to your iOS devices at no extra charge, and you can also download previously purchased apps, music and books to your computer. Just check the details below.

On your computer: open iTunes and head to iTunes Store > Purchased.

On your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch): you'll need to manage each type of content (music, apps, and books) in its respective app. No update is needed to access the iCloud feature on your device - Apple has added a new Purchased tab over-the-air to your Apple device.

Books: Go to iBooks > Store > Purchased.

Music: Go to iTunes > Purchased.

Apps: Go to App Store > Updates > Purchased.

Exception: On the iPad you'll find the new Purchased button in the row at the bottom.

iCloud is so much more than a hard drive in the sky. It stores your content so it’s always accessible from your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, or PC. It gives you instant access to your music, apps, latest photos and more. And it keeps your email, contacts, and calendars up to date across all your devices.

Just stay synced with iCloud, and enjoy your media life!