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Crazies Theme for Apple iPad

Apple iPad Themes: CraziesThe Crazies is a film with all the right elements - blood, guts, zombies and potential nuclear annihilation. We loved the Crazies, here we provide you the Crazies theme for your iPad. So make sure you download it and get the Crazies on your iPad.

To install Crazies theme on your Apple iPad, simply click on the craziesipad.zip file onto your computer, then unzip these files and transfer to your iPad using Bluetooth or the cable provided in the box.

You can then install the wallpapers by following the steps below:

Step 1. Copy the .jpg images to your My Pictures folder if using a PC and iPhoto if you're using a Mac.

Step 2. Sync all the images in your iPad with iTunes.

Step 3. Find the images in the photos tab of your iPad, and select the options icon in the top right corner.

Step 4. Select Use as Wallpaper.

Crazies Theme for Apple iPad

From: knowyourmobile.com

Free download the craziesipad.zip file to install the Crazies theme on your iPad immediately!

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