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How to Convert eBooks for iPad?

Question: Hello everybody, Can anyone help me with how to convert eBooks for iPad. We have a book published for teenagers on self-help and we want it to be converted into iPad format so that we can sell using ibookstore for iPad customers. How to start and do this? Please help.

Answer: Converting ebooks from PDF and other formats to iPad-friendly ePUB is easier than you might think. All you need is a DRM-free ebook, Calibre is the ideal choice for you to convert PDF and other eBooks to ePub for iPad. This guide will help you convert eBooks for iPad with only 5 steps. Let's see how to makes it.

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Guide: How to Convert eBooks for iPad

Step 1. Download and install Calibre, then start it for converting eBooks for iPad.

Tips: The first time you start Calibre, select Default as your device type.

Step 2. Drag and drop the ebook you want to convert to ePub into Calibre, edit any metadata if it's not already to your liking (right-click the book in Calibre and select Edit meta information -> Edit metadata individually), then click the Convert E-books button in the toolbar.

steps on how to conver ebooks for ipad

Step 3. Verify that you've got the correct output formats, usually, the output format should default to EPUB. If it's not, just choose EPUB from the drop-down.

Step 4. When everything looks how you like it, simply click OK and let the conversion roll.

Step 5. The only thing left now is dragging and dropping your newly converted ePub ebook into iTunes. Then, when you connect your iPad to the computer, drag the ebook from the library to the iPad, under the Devices title in the iTunes sidebar.

That's it. Now you can convert eBook for iPad ePub format all by yourself! Just enjoy your reading!