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Difference Between iPad and Laptop

Should I get a apple laptop or iPad? Whats the difference between a laptop and an apple iPad? What's your opinion of the iPad? Is it worth the money? Is a laptop better? What's the difference between iPad and Laptop?

There are so many questions about iPad and laptop asked on Yahoo! Answers, So here we write this article to help you learn more about Apple iPad and laptop.

What's the Difference Between iPad and Laptop?

Difference Between iPad and LaptopSummary:
The iPad takes the form of a tablet rather than that of the laptop;
The iPad lacks a keyboard but has a touch screen while it’s the other way around for most laptops;
You can’t install just any application on an iPad unlike on a laptop;
The iPad lacks true multi-tasking present in laptops;
The iPad does not have user replaceable batteries unlike laptops;
The iPad is not upgradeable unlike laptops.

The Apple iPad is a new device in the Apple line-up along with the iPod and the iPhone and it takes on the mobile computing market. Probably the biggest competitor of the iPad is the standard laptop, but unlike the laptop which opens up to reveal the screen and the keyboard, the iPad is a tablet or slate, which does not have any hinges.

The major contributor to the design of the iPad is the lack of a physical keyboard that takes up a lot of space. Instead, the iPad has a touch screen that is used for all input needs. A software keyboard can appear on screen and you can use that to type anything you want. But for typing out entire documents, a physical keyboard is still much better than the on-screen keyboard of the iPad.

A problem with the iPad is the use of applications. Although there are thousands of applications for the iPad, it is nowhere near that to laptops. You also can’t install just any application as there is no way to do that outside of the Apple app store; so you can’t create your own program on the iPad and run it. Another software problem is the lack of true multi-tasking. This is a limitation imposed by Apple in order to prevent users from running too many applications and bogging down the iPad.

Aside from software issues, there are also several hardware limitations to the iPad. First, its battery is built-in to the device and is not user replaceable. This means you can’t have spare batteries and you need to look for an outlet every time you run out of charge. You also do not have the option to upgrade any part or even use external storage like memory cards or flash drives. The only way to upgrade the iPad is to get a newer one in case they release one. Although upgrade options for laptops are pretty limited, it is existent.

A laptop can have anywhere (realistically) up to 2TB (2,000 GB) capacity, where as the iPad's largest version is merely 64GB.
Not only that, but an iPad is basically a larger, glorified and more expensive version of the iPod Touch or iPhone.

If you want a laptop or an iPad just to browse the web and not do much more, then the iPad is for you. However, if you want to use word-processing software, or have something you can upgrade rather than replace, as technology improves, then you will want a laptop.

So here are the differences between iPad and Laptops, both both of them have advantages and disadvantages. Just choose the one according to your needs!

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