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How to Make an eBook for iPad?

how to create ebook for ipadCreating your ebook for iPads is very simple using Baker Ebook Framework. Baker Ebook Framework is a open source tool that lets you to make ebooks for iPad. With it, you can create your own ebook for iPad and submit it to iTunes store for approval.

Here we'll show you how to make an eBook for iPad with Baker Ebook Framework in details. The Baker is an HTML5 ebook framework, so you can design your ebook visually stunning with images, audio, video and animations. Just check the steps below to create ebook for iPad.

Details in How to Make an eBook for iPad

1. Design:
* Create you book as one or more HTML5 documents.
* Limit the width to 768px.
* You can keep the height to 1024px to match the page size or make it scrollable if you need longer pages.
* You can use ANY feature in WebKit: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.
* Think about having 1 HTML for each chapter to use the native scrolling.

2. Package:
* The book must be contained in a single “book/” folder.
* Each chapter should be in a single HTML file inside the “book/” folder.
* The HTML files must be named with incremental numbers, starting from one: 1.html, 2.html, etc.
* 1.html is going to be used as the first page of the book, so it’s probably your cover.
* All the assets must be contained within the “book/” folder.
* Subfolders are allowed for assets, but the HTML files will be read only from the “book/” folder itself.

3. Publish:
* Download the Baker Framework Xcode project from http://bakerframework.com.
* Create an Apple iPhone Developer account to publish on the App Store.
* Download Xcode and the iOS SDK from the Apple Developer website.
* Open Baker in Xcode.
* Add all the files of your book from your “book/” folder to the “book/” folder inside Baker.
* If you used a “width fix” CSS file, remove it.
* Rename the project to the name of your book: Project -> Rename.
* Replace the icon file: ios-icon-ipad72.png.
* Change the bundle identifier in the plist file to the one you are going to use for your app.
* Test your book compiling it
.* Submit your book to the app store.

Done! Now you can make your own eBooks for iPad with Baker Ebook Framework, which makes digital books be well designed, easy to publish and written in an open standard. You can have a try with how to make an eBook for iPad. And you can also download unlimited free eBooks for iPad from BookDownloadCenter.

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