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How to Remove Photos from iPad?

If there are photos in your iPad which you doesn't need anymore, then you could just delete or remove them from your iPad to free up some space. So here comes this article, how to delete, remove photos from your iPad? in fact, it is very easy to do that, just do the following.

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Guide: How to Remove Photos from iPad

Step 1: Tap on the "Photos" icon. In the Albums view, notice that you have "Saved Photos" as an option. Choose it.

Step 2: Tap on the arrow button on the top right. You'll get the delete option now.

remove ipad photos

Step 3: Select the photos which you want to delete from your iPad. Then tap on the "Delete" button.

how to remove pictures from ipad

Note: This should delete the photos which you saved directly from your iPad. But if you have synced the photos from your PC, then you should delete them through iTunes. Sync your iPad with iTunes and delete the photos which you don't want.

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