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How to Use Mail App on iPad?

As with the iPhone, the Mail App on the iPad is simple to use and supports a range of different services, including Gmail, Hotmail, POP3, IMAP or Microsoft Exchange. This tutorial aims to tell you how to use Mail app on iPad fully. Actually, this is a full tips for using mail app on iPad skillfully.

How to Use Mail App on iPad - Viewing Emails

Viewing Email on iPad is basic and easy. Just do the follows:

  • Tap the Mail icon. You'll see your inbox on the left of landscape mode.
  • Touch a message subject to see it on the right
  • Turn your iPad into portrait mode and the message will zoom to fill the entire screen.
  • When you're viewing your emails, you can easily view your Inbox by tapping on the icon in the top left hand corner. Your inbox will appear overlaid on the iPad's screen

How to Use Mail App on iPad - If iPad Can't Receive Email

How to Use iPad Mail App - If iPad Can't Receive Email

  • Check if your account has been opened on other device.
  • Set up your Email account on the iPad instead of syncing from computer.
  • Restart the iPad.

How to Use Mail App on iPad - If iPad Can't Send Email

  • Click Settings on iPad and click to Mail, Calendars, Contacts and under Accounts select the account that can't send email.
  • Scroll down to Outgoing Servers and click SMTP.
  • Click to switch all the other SMTP Servers on, then check and do the rest as iPad can't receive email.

How to Use Mail App on iPad - Secure iPad Email

To secure iPad Email by MobileMe service. MobileMe is a software which can sync with many Apple devices through the cloud. In case your iPad is missing with secret email data, this software can automatically locate it and lock it to refuse others to assess.

How to Use Mail App on iPad - Search a Message in Email

  • Make your iPad in landscape mode, you'll see the search box at the top of the inbox list
  • Change the default From searching field into to as you need.
  • Type the keywords of the message, then the iPad will start searching through your inbox.
  • Continue searching on the server to search all the email on server.

How to Use Mail App on iPad - Add Contacts to Address Book from Email

  • Firstly, iPad recognises phone numbers, email addresses, postal address.
  • From an email, press and hold the contacts info.
  • Look postal address up in Google Maps if you need.
  • Add to an existing contact or copy it to the clipboard.