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iPad MP3 Player

ipad mp3 palyerYour music! Like you’ve never seen it before!

The big, beautiful iPad display lets you browse your music collection by song, artist, album, genre, or composer with the touch of a finger. See your music as full-size album art. Flip through all your albums and tap to choose what you want to hear. It’s as natural as flipping through CDs.

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Touch your music

When you want to play a song, tap it. The Now Playing screen appears, displaying the album art for the song you’re playing. Tap to flip the album over and view the track list. Use your finger to pause, shuffle, change the track, and adjust the volume. Or, if you prefer some private listening, connect wired or Bluetooth wireless headphones, and it’s just you, your favorite tunes, and fantastic sound.

Get Genius recommendations

ipad music playeriPad comes with a musical Genius that automatically creates multiple mixes based on the music you love. Once you’ve added music to your iTunes library, you can put Genius to work while you’re listening. Say iPad is playing a song you really like and you want to hear other tracks like it. Tap Genius. It finds other songs on your iPad that sound great together and makes a Genius playlist for you. Count on Genius to create a mix you wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

Feed your iPad

It’s easy to fill your iPad with music. Tap iTunes to browse millions of songs in the iTunes Store and download new music directly to your iPad. When you connect iPad to your Mac or PC, the songs you downloaded on the go can sync to the iTunes library on your computer. It works the other way around, too. Everything from iTunes on your computer can sync to iPad. iTunes also syncs your playlists, including On-the-Go playlists, Genius playlists, and Genius Mixes. So no song is left behind.

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