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How to Read Adobe eBooks on iPad?

Question: I have a lot of Adobe Digital Editions eBooks and I want to read them on my Apple iPad, I tried to drag the books from desktop to 'My iPad' as shown in iTunes I get a message that the download to the iPad did not work because that format can not be read on the iPad. How to read Adobe Digital Edition books on iPad?

Answer: To read Adobe ebooks on iPad, you need to remove DRM from Adobe ebooks for iPad first, for most of the books from Adobe Digital Editions are protected by DRM protection. Here we recommend an easy-to-use software - ePub DRM Removal for removing DRM and them you can read Adobe ebook on iPad without any limitation. Just follow the steps below.

Steps: How to Read Adobe eBooks on iPad

With this tutorial, you can remove DRM from Adobe ePub books easily to help you read DRM ePub book in iPad, iPad 2(even iPad 3 in the future), iPhone, iPod touch, Sony Reader and so on.

Step 1. Install Adobe Flash Player. (http://get.adobe.com/flash player/)

Step 2. Install Adobe Digital Editions. (http://www.adobe.com/products/digital editions) Authorize your copy of Adobe Digital Editions. Then add ebooks to Adobe Digital Editions.

steps for reading adobe ebooks on ipad

Step 3: Free download and install the ePub DRM Remover on your computer, then launch it. A dialog windows will pop up:

remove drm from adobe books for ipad

Step 4. Input files by clicking the "Input..." button to choose your Adobe eBooks, then click "Output..." to select an output folder.

Step 5. Click "Remove DRM", then remove DRM from ePub files fast.

After removing DRM from Adobe ebook files, the last step is to link your iPad to computer, and then run iTunes to sync the decrypted books to iPad. Done!

Now you can read Adobe ebooks on iPad on the go. Moreover, you can also transfer the decrypted books to iPod touch, iPhone, Sony Reader or other portable eBook readers freely!

Tips: If you want to read more books such MOBI files on iPad, you may go to http://www.istonsoft.com/epub/convert-mobi-to-epub.html for help. This page offers you an outstanding MOBI to EPUB Converter software.

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