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How to Sync Gmail Calendar with iPad?

With this tutorial, you'll learn how to sync iPad with Gmail Calendar directly. Just follow the details below to sync Gmail Calendar with iPad step by step.

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Steps 1: Tap on the settings icon on the home page of your iPad. This will open the general settings window. Tap on the "Mail, Contacts, Calendar" icon.

how to sync gmail calendar with ipad

Steps 2: Tap on "Add Account" and then t ap on the "Gmail" icon to set up you Gmail account.

Steps 3: Enter your user name and password for you Google account. You are also allowed to enter a description of the account in case you have multiple accounts. Tap the next button on the top right-hand area of the screen.

how to sync ipad with gmail calendar

Steps 4: Tap "On" to sync you calendar with your iPad. This screen allows you to toggle the controls to sync your mail, calendar and notes from your Gmail account with your iPad. Then tap on the "Save" button.

After that, push the Home button on the iPad to return to the home screen and then tap on the calendar icon and you will see the iPad sync your Gmail calendar to the device. Done!

Now you can sync Gmail Calendar with iPad all by yourself! Bookmark it or recommend it to your friends if you love it, let more people enjoy with iPad!

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